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The Third episode is here finally! In the previous post, we’ve discussed God’s standard on dating. Now, what are the provisions God has put in place for His loving children that is in every way more better than dating? Throughout the scriptures, there is a channel or trend we can point out as the way of the Lord through the different instructions dashed out by God at numerous times to the people of old which is still relevant and can be found helpful to we partakers of the end of this age. While Jesus was on earth, part of the spectacular things He did was to formally regulate the numerous and “difficult to fulfill” laws of Moses the Prophet. He launched believers into a higher level of commandment by giving us the Law of Love.

This is basically the Love for God and the Love for one another. As we are to Love God our Father, we are also to Love our neighbors as ourselves; this is what we call AGAPE LOVE. The sacrificial love which is to be shown to all, just as Jesus did by dying for our sins even while we were yet sinners. So, Agape Love can be regarded as the first step in our Journey of Love towards our fellow men. As we grow faithfully in our love relationship with God, we are expected to grow equally in our love living and love sharing relationship with all around us.

The second stage of Love as analyzed in our manual for life (The Bible) is what we can call FRIENDSHIP LOVE. This is the love that was described through many stories and scenarios in the bible. We all know about the love story of David and Jonathan the son of King Saul. It was such an awesome and unconditional love! When a good love relationship exists between believers and the world around them [friends and acquaintances], it will be easy to bring out a group of cultured and like-minded persons which can be called one’s friends. The love shared amongst these set of people is what we term Friendship Love. We just know our friends are different from others out there! Even in the church of God, you are to show love to everyone but not all can be your friends or rather very close to you. The few ones lucky enough to win your trust are those that fall into this category of Friends.

We just know our friends are different from others out there! The few ones lucky enough to win your trust are those that fall into this category of Friends.

As always described, our friends play very significant roles in our lives, they serve as our earthly advisers and internal motivators apart from our parents. friendship can also exist between opposite sex though must be handled with special caution and carefulness. It is advised for believers not to cross the border of mutual friendship amongst opposite sex, the door of intimacy should not be opened unless for serious relationship [Christian courtship] so as to avoid unnecessary and ungodly flow of untamable emotions.

However, friendship love can actually lead to the last type of love that would be discussed in the final episode of this series. This final bus stop is called FAMILY/ MARITAL LOVE. It is the love that exist between married couples. It is equally important to note that the connecting journey between friendship and marriage is Christian Courtship. A special time to build compatibility and plan intensely for the marital destiny coming up afterwards.

I’m assured you’re immensely blessed by this amazing episode of this series! The final part of this comes up shortly…. You won’t want to miss that as well.

Special Announcement

We’re are aware you have some important questions welling up within you as a result of the three episodes of this series already. I’m pleased to inform all readers that there will be a Question and Answer Post coming up after the final episode. This is all for your adequate and full learning! An email address would be dropped where all questions can be sent so we can collate them and address them all in a post. Thanks for choosing The Fire Place!

Stay blessed!


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