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Hello, family. Happy New month to you. It’s a month of joy unspeakable for you in Jesus’ name. I graciously welcome us to another episode of The Five Love Languages. I pray that you will be blessed beautifully as always in Jesus’ name. Today, we’re talking about *Quality Time.* Sit tight for the sweet ride!

Let’s define Quality Time. It is simply the full TIME you give someone you care about! I mean full time with no obstruction!

Quality Time is the most expensive of all love languages compared to Words of Affirmation or Acts of Service because it’s the most demanding. It is like asking for your life for an hour or more. Can you imagine that? I’m practically a personality that likes to look at your face while we are conversing; it makes me feel you are listening and concentrating or your mind is not on that New Italian Restaurant down the road! Trust me, individuals in my category understand better! Have you conversed with someone and you fell lost or confused the more? They simply lack that attention span and this is a major issue we have in relationships nowadays, especially in this Social Media Age that everything is running superficially and everyone including our old parents who want to be in vogue. They want to be on the internet 24/7. I hope to talk about the problems and consequences of Social Media but the message is social media is gradually taking the place of an heartfelt discussion that can save a home, company and even an organisation. What most relationships need is a quality time discussion!


You might be thinking what I’m thinking #smiles#. The MAIN Issue of our relationship with God is because we can’t sit and gist with Abba Father! Kai! When you want to woo or marry a woman, you take her more seriously during courtship but when you have married her, you totally forget about her love language that you were kin about in pre- marital stage! Like why? Let me ask again. Why? Most Youths want everything fast and smooth, which affect our relationship with God and Man!  But you can’t truly know a person without spending time with such individual. This is also applicable to our relationship with men and God! If you are still in intact communion with God, you will surely have cause to be grateful!

You have been crying, weeping about your relationship with God but have you sat to talk to Him for hours? Kai I love those early morning discussion with Abba, (Oh! Pardon me I call God Abba) when instructions and insight will be opened up to you to live your day like heaven on earth! The reason why many are not respecting your anointing is because you have no Heavenly Authentication or Presence and the reason is simply because you can’t wait on God! If you are in a rush, you can’t get anything from Abba! I love that sweet fragrance that is felt while in His Presence and the after effect! Kai trust me there is so much more in having a Quality Time with God. Try it out; spend more than an hour with Him and you will have joy unspeakable! There is so much to say FAM but what I can advice is restore that quality time with Abba!

There is even a case of misplaced priority whereby we allow THINGS to take the place of Abba! Instead of you to wait on God you decide to walk down the street to check on your neighbours that behave like you don’t exist! Biko, why? Do you Abba keeps to time on any meeting he is been invited to? If you fix your prayer time for 6am, make sure you are there by then. I remember my days in school when I do pray in the morning around 10am if I’m not having any lecture. Once I get to my secret place late, I would calculate the time and re-pay it; if I got there around 10:20am, I will stay there 20 mins extra because I don’t want to miss anything and trust me, it built my basic Christian Walk with God. Try it out and let’s have feedbacks.

Hope we aren’t lost or confused yet? #smiles# There are techniques to having a Quality Time Discussion.

1. Asking and Listening: When you ask questions and you are answered back promptly without some ’emm’ ‘enn attached to it. Have you talked with someone before and the person is pressing his or her phone or watching a poster and they only reply with ’emm’ .  It’s annoying. Give your full attention without been involved in anything else and the best thing is to face and look into the person’s eye! End of discussion. If you can sustain it, that discussion will worth the time.

2. Body Movements: Where is S/he facing? What is S/he looking at? What’s are the gesticulations the individual is portraying? I can recall a conversation I was having with a friend of mine; she wasn’t concentrating so I had to take her phone away and hold her hands till I finished what I was saying! Do you grab now? That time, your partner might need you to hold their hands or touch their shoulder to re-assure them you are Listening.

Those are the basic techniques I can share for now. Trust me, I have more gist but time and space won’t permit. Let’s sit across the table with a cup of Coffee and Love Language Book in our hands! Thanks for your time! I’m Truly Grateful and l be waiting for your response and comments. God bless you.

Written by: Adekunle Ruth Pipel’Oluwa



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