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The second episode of our series on the heart cry of The Father is here! It is also the final part. After accepting the call of God to fellowship, the next question to be asked is “How do we maintain the relationship?” The answer to this question will be discussed at this point. Maintaining the relationship with God is a call to commitment so as to enjoy its fullness maximally.
Firstly, the key to success in every relationship is Communication. No communication, no relationship. We communicate with God through Prayer. This type of prayer is not the usual prayer we are all used to; It is fully Communication i.e. it’s in two ways — You speak and God listens, then God speaks through His Spirit and you also listen to Him. In that format, both parties will fully understand each other and the bond of friendship between God and you will be strengthened.

Maintaining the relationship with God is a call to commitment so as to enjoy its fullness maximally.

There are many channels through which this relationship can be built and well managed. One of those channels is: QUIET TIME. Quiet time is the time you spend alone with God at a specified time for the purpose of fellowship with God. I always advise that quiet time should be observed on a daily basis so as to equip the relationship with God being built. Remember, our full prosperity and balance depends on how much we know about God, which is fully guaranteed in our personal relationship with Him. So, determine and work out your quiet time on a daily basis and see how much you will know about God.

Also, in our quest for maintaining the relationship we share with God, we should not forsake the place of THE WORD OF GOD. The Word of God is written through the direct inspiration of God for all believers. – [“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” – 2 Tim. 3:16]. For our growth and development in fellowship with God, we must consume as much as possible of His written word so as to know God better and understand His will for our lives. The more you learn of God through His word, the better your relationship with Him and the more your life will be an expression of His Glory.

Also worthy to be noted is the importance of having a PRAYER ALTAR. Some people call it “The Secret Place”. This is simply the place where you can easily meet God privately without any disturbance from the outside world. Your prayer altar is the home of all your personal study of God’s word, heart-felt prayers, constructive and life changing encounters, vital decision making, and other important affairs of your life. With all the features of one’s prayer altar mentioned above, I think its importance is well entrenched and clearly stated. “How do I get a prayer altar?” is the question in the hearts of some presently. Well, a prayer altar is anywhere you can have full concentration to commune with God without any disturbance, interference, etc. Your room, toilet, backyard, garden, and other private or secluded places can be used as prayer altar. I encourage you to get your prayer altar, observe your quiet time there, pray without ceasing there, study the bible there, meditate the word there and fellowship with God there, then see how much you will grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Lord.

The last thing in this phase is your “walk with God and your work for God”. Your relationship with God is your WALK with God, while the services you render for God is your WORK for God. As you grow in your walk with God, your development will surely show outwardly to people around you. Through this, working in God’s vineyard will be encouraged so as to keep you in shape spiritually, to serve as a form of reciprocation of God’s love for you and finally to serve as a source of blessing to your life. When you WORK for God, He doesn’t show His appreciation through words so much but He does the real appreciation by blessing you! So, as you WALK with God, ask Him about how best you can WORK for Him in your local church and also to the outside world, then see Him decorate your life with blessings and benefits.

In conclusion, in this piece, we have seen the need for man to fellowship with his creator which is the only way man will fully enjoy the Salvation package brought about by Jesus Christ. It has been noted that God the Holy Spirit is the God-Head in operation in this last days before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, so the relationship here refers to communing with the Holy Spirit. Also, we established the hearty cry of the Father for relationship with man and how ready He is to receive man back to Himself no matter how bad man has become as a result of sin and worldly affairs. Steps to accepting the offer of God for relationship was discussed as well as practical channels of maintaining the relationship with God. The channels discussed are observing quiet time, studying the bible, usage of prayer altar and working for God. I strongly believe if all these words of life are well utilized and used for active living, living in the fullness of the Salvation brought by Jesus Christ will be practically enjoyed by every man on earth which, in return, will bring satisfaction to God the creator of man. I wish you a Spirit filled stay on this side of the universe. SHALOM!

I hope you’ve been blessed through this brief but inspiring series. We always look forward to hearing back from our readers, the real dwellers of The Fire Place. You can drop your comments before you leave and likewise, you can ask your questions through the contact page. Don’t forget to follow this blog by dropping your email below, you will be notified once a new post is here. Anticipate our next post! God bless you.


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