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THE JOURNEY: FEAR NO EVIL (Interview with Monioluwa Akinola)

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Welcome back to another episode of our series “the journey”- where we look into the lives of believers that have stayed in God’s promises and will for their lives despite the odds set against them. In this episode we’d be joureying with Mrs. Monioluwa Akinola who would be sharing with us how she learns to fear no evil even when she is tempest tossed upon life’s billows. Are you looking forward to be blessed? then you are just in the right place. Get ready for the Fire Experience!


  1. Describe your understanding of the passage: Psalms 23:4

Psalms 23:4 is one of the reassurances God gave us as we journey through life. Like Dr. D.K. Olukoya said, Christianity does not exempt you from the challenges of life. Instead, it equips you. My understanding of this passage is that THE STRENGTH OF FEAR IS LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF WHO IS WITH YOU. The knowledge that you are not alone in the journey of life gives calmness and great assurances. Just like Daniel said in Daniel 11:32, THOSE THAT KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG AND DO EXPLOITS. The knowledge of who is with you gives you strength and boldness.

  1. How can believers rightly prepare and position themselves for dark seasons of life?

Firstly, understand that the dark season of life is important for your maturity. One of the great lessons I have learnt from great men and women in the Scriptures is what their dark seasons of life showed them and that is; dark seasons show that you CANNOT journey through life alone, without God. It is risky. Therefore build a relationship with Jesus.

Secondly, write down every word of God He gave you personally. Hold on to them. A man is as strong as his conviction. Continuous remembrance of God’s words to you builds your conviction that you are not alone.

Furthermore, have a community of support system (that is an assembly of brethrens) who will hold your hands. Such people must be those who believe God’s promises to You. In Matthew 26:36-56, Jesus was facing His darkness moment. Jesus knew there was nothing Peter, James and John could do at that time but He needed someone to at least listen. Christianity is not a journey you undertake in isolation.

Lastly, make conscious effort to be thankful for every victory God has won for you. You will need to think deep to when God came through for you.

  1. How can believers be bounded and kept by the truths of God’s Word in difficult seasons of life?

Romans 10:17 says “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God”. I believe a believer can be kept by God’s word by continuous and constant fellowship with the word. Let’s not complicate the word of God. Let’s read the word of God with openness as a child. Trust God’s word as a child. Have you ever promised a child something? The child does not worry or care how you get what you promise. All he knows is that he or she will get what you promised.

  1. How can we become more responsible stewards of the times and seasons that will happen in our lifetime?

I think we need to be conscious that we are actually stewards and are accountable to God, the Just Judge. Secondly, be conscious that so many lives are attached to yours, so you can’t afford to fail. Also, know that God is always available when you call, even in your weakest and most vulnerable point in life.

  1. When a supposed answered prayer or open door becomes a snare, how can young believers retrace their steps back to God before it’s too late?

I remember reading a book where the author says “Not every open door is from God”. In the case of Lot in Genesis 13:10 “Lot looked around and saw that the whole plain of the Jordan toward Zoar was well watered, like the garden of the Lord, like the garden of Egypt“. Sodom seemed like the “open door” but we see that it was a snare for his soul.

So in case an open door becomes a snare, check your alignment with God. This is because what we sometimes call “open door” may be our flesh in action. Then, humbly come back to God. God will NEVER CAST YOU AWAY FOR YOUR WRONG DECISIONS.

An open door from God will be as James 1:17 says “good and perfect” according to God’s standards. When an opportunity or open door comes, check by the spirit of God.

  1. Can you share a personal experience about you with us that best explains the phrase: “FEAR NO EVIL”, and how God helped you to be Victorious through the journey.

To answer this question, I just want to point out that the opposite of “evil” is “Good”. From Genesis, God has been the determinate of what is “good” and not.

Personally, I have had few dark moments🤣🤣 Moments when nothing else made sense except God’s word. One of such was my relationship. I was in a long distance relationship for 3 years and every attempt to reunite kept collapsing. At those times, nobody could relate with my pain and disappointment. Every promise of God seemed impossible because everything was going against all that God said to me. At those times when crying seemed like the only option, the voice of God kept coming through music, His words and Brethrens. Eventually after 4 years of waiting, God did it. To the glory of God, I am married. (Hallelujah 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼)


Monioluwa Akinola is a legal practitioner. She is an author for both academic research papers and non academic publications.she is also a ardent reader who encourages and celebrated Christian fictions that edifies the body of Christ.

Monioluwa loves documentaries and forensic crime movies.She is an advocate for Boy-Child Advocacy. She loves singing and the body of Christ. In her free period, she loves volunteering for community services.

She is married to James Akinola.

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