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Welcome back to The Fire Place! We’re still on our special series tagged “OUR EXPERIENCE”. we remain committed to bringing fire filled spiritual contents that will make you grow better. We have Pastor Kayode Adekunle’s words here to further aid our learning about the Journey of Growth. Get ready for the Fire experience!

  • THE BEGINNING. It all started with a personal encounter with God. After that encounter, I disconnected myself from all bad friends and influences. I left friends and family and decided to focus strictly on God. I walked alone because Jesus told me to look up to Him (Heb 12:2) Around that time, I gained admission to study Mechanical Engineering in a Federal University but I chose to leave it for another admission to study in another school elsewhere which was closer to a church where my fire was being fueled and God was dealing with me.

What makes spiritual sensitivity very high is spending consistent quality time with God.

Pastor Kayode Adekunle
    After my encounter with the Lord, I made sure I studied the Bible and prayed in tongues for two hours daily., I also held vigils from 12am-3am daily for three good years. Initially, I could not see or hear anything from God unlike the people around me that could hear God well at that time, but I kept having faith, encouraging myself and increased my time with God until my eyes and ears opened. If you do not have the kind of experience that you had with God yet, do not be discouraged, keep praying, keep communing with God, trust Him with your life, devote more time to Him and in no time, the eyes of your spirit would be widely opened. I also read books and listened to sermons based on the instruction of the Holy Spirit. I never read a book that I was not led to read, neither did I listen to a sermon without the Holy Spirit giving me the go ahead. Not every sermon out there is for you, wait on the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction as to what your spirit man should be fed with.
    I also faced some challenges due to my decision to focus solely on God, I lived in slums, slept in a room that accommodated up to 25-30 people and yet I continued to hold my vigils. There is no excuse for greatness, you have to make sacrifices to reach your destination in life.

Not every sermon out there is for you, wait on the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction as to what your spirit man should be fed with.

Pastor Kayode Adekunle
    The several encounters I had with God birthed my call into full time ministry. I became a deliverance minister at the age of eighteen, I became a group pastor in charge of the prayer team and deliverance group at the age of nineteen. I was given the name “Prophet Kay” at the age of nineteen due to the things God was doing through me. As a result of my walk with God, my heaven opened and I have continuously enjoyed open heaven in ministry since then. After my heaven opened, I began to hear the audible voice of God. I had several encounters with The Ancient of Days. God told me that the key to prosperity is hearing God’s voice clearly at all times. At this level, God’s blessings will start to fall as He keeps ordering your steps into prosperity.
    There was never a time that I struggled while ministering, the reason why you struggle to minister is because your heaven is closed. When your heaven opens, it opens permanently as it happened with Jesus Christ our Lord. It has never happened that I would minister and not hear God, during the course of every ministration, I see and hear God clearly. Being in full time ministry, I have always depended solely on God and He has always met my needs, I do not lack and by His grace, I have enjoyed international ministry. Money will not be your problem when you fellowship with God, everything will be easy for you.

When your heaven opens, it opens permanently as it happened with Jesus Christ our Lord.

    If you desire the powerful move of God in your life and ministry, I have listed below some tips for you, tagged them the price for God’s power because a heart that devotes totally to God is a heart that enjoys the fullness of God:
  • To experience the moving of the power of God in public, you must know God, in private. We fellowship with Him privately for Him to show up publicly. There is a private relationship linked to every powerful move of God.
    What makes spiritual sensitivity very high is spending consistent quality time with God
  • To grow immensely in God, you have to be focused, consistent and be able to encourage yourself in the Lord.
  • You must be broken and willing to commit yourself to spiritual discipline. You must be able to sacrifice material things such as food, pleasure, money and time for spiritual gains. It is not the fasting that gives you power. It is brokenness and humility. Your level of brokenness determines your level of power. As God once told me, if you can be humble like a baby, you will receive God’s power. If you are ready to receive insults, then, you are ready for God’s power. God is ready to show up if you can be holy and broken. Also, you must be ready to learn from others, both young and old. Being teachable Is important to your growth in God.
  • You must decide to discipline yourself and commit totally to God. I decided not to get entangled with romantic relationship when I just started out with God.
  • The best teacher is the Holy Spirit. Let God lead you through mentoring, and do not have a mentor if the Lord has not led you to one. Till date, I keep learning more to get better at all times. I enroll in online courses and remain teachable as I keep moving in God.
  • Spend time praying alone. Jacob wrestled alone with God.
  • Not every programme is for you, attend only programmes that the Lord has led you to attend.
  • Always let your Yes be Yes and let your No be No.

Thank you for your time. God bless you.

Pastor Kayode Adekunle is full time minister of God. He studied Quantity Surveying and was called to ministry at a very young age. He has attended many spiritual schools at the Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministry and currently is the Pastor of MFM Youth Church, Magodo Phase 1. He is a passionate lover of God and youths of this generation. He is also the founder of The Holy Ghost Family, a prophetic prayer movement where he trains people to be on fire for God.
He has been privileged to bless lives in various places by ministering healing, deliverance and revival by the power of God both locally and internationally.


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