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The Final episode of this series is here ! Since we have address what the right motive is not, can we discuss further about what constitute the right motive system towards God? The Love for God! It is a well-known to all that Moses the law giver introduced the ten commandments to the children of Israel of old. The appearance of Jesus to the world brought about a transformational change in how we behold God and worship Him. One of these changes is the reduction and summarization of the commandments into just TWO. The first of these two laws is what we are concerned about in this piece, which address the concept of our love for God as believers. “… You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” The embodiment of our motive concerning all that we do for God, His People and His Kingdom is summarized in our love for Him. Our sacrifice and labour for God must be done out of our love for who He is.

When you love God deeply, obeying His commandments and living for Him will never be an issue. So, we must pass the love test in the school of motive. The next time you plan to do anything for God, quickly ask yourself: I’m I doing this out of my love for God? this will help fix some heart matters in you quickly and set you aright in your work for God. The reason for your obedience to His commands, living His wills and purposes for your life must be pure because of your love for God and the desire to live for Him only.

The reason for your obedience to His commands, living His wills and purposes for your life must be pure because of your love for God and the desire to live for Him only.

The concept of a motive check is at the center of our service for God. Serving God positions us to be blessed by God, if we will therefore be full in our blessings, then we must work appropriately. This is the reason why our motive for working for God must be set in order. We serve the All-knowing God who sees everything we do for Him in details. Therefore, if our motive for working for Him is faulty, the work being done for Him is an abomination already. It can never count before Him! No matter the sacrifice made, the money spent or the blood that dripped to get the work done, if we fail to set our motives for working for God rightly, we stand a risk to lose the reward for our labor for Him.

Conclusively, men of old such as Abraham, Moses and David lived all their lives with God at heart, working tirelessly obediently for God with their motives for doing all they did being their utmost love for God. Abraham was not called the friend of God just for some cakes! Moses was the meekest man in his days, the man who God spoke with, mouth-to-mouth as a man speaks to his friend, this happened due to his right motive and his sincerity with God. King David, the man after God’s own heart, so much captured the dimension of getting God to heed to his cry every time, how? He loved the Lord with all His heart and worshipped Him truly. What can be said about your love life with God? what can be written down about your heart dealing with your maker? What is the motive for all that you do for God and His people? May the Lord purge you of all wrong motives and set your heart in the right shape for your journey in Him. Stay Blessed!


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