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The world of man is full of varieties. Varieties in culture, ideology, expression and so on. Amidst these varieties, there is a certain one that keeps controlling every other activity of man, it is the reason for every action taking by man. Behind every action done by anyone in this world there is a tangible reason for it. This is not about the reason being reasonable or not; the fact that there is a specific reason that sponsored that action shows that the system of motive is in place and that the action is intentional. As direct as this subject of motive can be; it is one of the most abused and misrepresented concept in our modern world of today.

Many politicians stand on high podiums with big speakers to announce their concern for the masses and their loyalty to cater for the needs of the people, but what do you see after they get the political seat they contested for? Diversion of funds, corruption, nonchalance, and other disheartening things which makes you question how soon they forgot their campaign promises to the masses. In its real sense, it shows that the politicians contested for other reasons and drives which are unknown to the people that voted them in. This is not a political write up, it is neither an article to address the dirty heart of the politicians, but rather this is a means to an end. It is so easy for us all to point fingers and go along with all that is written about the bad state of politics in this side of political administrations. While we go hard on our politicians, there is an honest question I want us to address at this point; have you always being true to what you make people believe is the reason for your actions?

This is a call back to the basics, a clarion call to the understanding of a fundamental truth we must address to appear plain and blameless before the Sovereign God and fellow man. Follow me as we go through the school of motive together in this . It is time for cleansing! Open your heart and get ready for an eye-opening experience!

In starting this purposeful journey, it is important for us to understand what motive is all about. Motive means the reason for an action; what prompts you into doing what you did is the motive behind that action. Motive is a spiritual phenomenon. It goes beyond the physical idea of monitoring and guiding the reasons for our actions using the head knowledge. Motive goes as far as depicting your true nature as a child of the Kingdom. How we know if you truly belong to the Kingdom of Light is the motive behind your actions. It is so sad that even man can misjudge this in so many ways due to the deceptive state of man. It is easy for a person to walk up to you and give out hundred thousand dollars to you freely. You will think the person is your life saver until you get to know that the same person was sent to give you a million dollars! Wow! You have just been scammed of nine hundred thousand dollars.

what prompts you into doing what you did is the motive behind that action.

In the same way, we meet many people in church today appearing so fervent and spiritual through their religiousness and countenance. Only The Head of the Church, Jesus Christ Himself can tell the real population of believers in a church; for this reason and many more, we see the subject of motive coming into place in the church of God and in the life of believers. This journey is tagged the school of motive for a reason; motive check is a must-do for any believer that wants to make heaven. From time to time, we will always need to check the reason for our actions, the works we do for God; the good deeds people accord to our names, who takes the glory? No matter how gracious and honorable we may look before people, if the reason for our action is questionable then it is no longer accepted before God as it will not give Glory to God. Remember, our Father is a jealous God!

e works we do for God; the good deeds people accord to our names, who takes the glory?

The concept of a motive check is something serious in our relationship with God which cannot be underestimated in any way. Your relationship with God talks about the process of seeking God intimately and deliberately looking up to Him in all areas of life. The question here is, why do you seek God? why are you so adamant about knowing Him and His ways? Is it because you were told that’s the only way to the anointing and you know you need the anointing to have affluence, money and other earthly treasures? If you are part of the people with this motive, get ready for a frustrating walk with God! This is how it works: God’s system for intimacy with Him is fashioned in a way that as you move closer in relationship with HIM, your hunger and real interest in Him starts to give meaning to why you seek Him. If you seek Him for money but discover in your journey that it is taking longer than you bargained for, normally it will not be difficult for the devil to talk you out of the relationship with God and sent you away from the journey! So, as you go deeper daily, it takes more commitment, diligence, sincerity and open heartedness to get to His Heart which makes it only accessible only to those who seek Him diligently with all their hearts [Jeremiah 29:13].

Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me (as a vital necessity) and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13 MSG)

Pretense cannot last in the journey of walking with God. God is a time consumer! Hope you know that? It takes a lot of time and patience to walk your way through to His Person. Here is the good news: not everyone seeks God with the wrong motive. For the people that truly seek God with all their hearts, it is a journey to remember, to love and to cherish. Even during times when the secret place seems dry and not enjoyable, the consciousness that the Holy Spirit is still there with you makes you want to do more! Truly and indeed; the school of motive is a school that all believers must enrol and engage daily! May you find true rest for your soul as you submit yourself daily to the school of motive!

Anticipate the next episode! God bless you.


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