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True Talk on Dating!

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Question and Answer Session

We’re back here! We promised you one more post dedicated to answering questions pertaining to what is being addressed by our series tagged I’M DATING. I’m assured the answers will meet your need. Enjoy God!

Question: Why should I not date? I love him, things are working well between us!

Answer: Firstly, I can’t be so sure what you call love is not infatuation. Why? God is love. So, true love can only be experienced and enjoyed inside God’s will. Secondly, Love is mature in all ramifications. Are you all round matured enough to handle a serious relationship? Are you responsible enough to carry the burden of two people on your head alone? Dating is only a mirage, stay with God till He will lead you into a serious relationship that will launch you into a godly marriage. That it is working now is not a guarantee it won’t fail, Only what is built on the right foundation stands at all times.

Question: My Friends are doing it…. Why can’t I date as well?

Answer: What is truly wrong with you is peer pressure. Get your priority right. Are you ready to disobey God and set your life in danger just because of your friends? Are you ready to bear the consequences of those actions? You can stand for God and refuse to be intimidated! Stay clear of contaminated friends and stand for purity!

Question: He takes care of me and listens to me… Why should I leave him?

Answer: Firstly, what is God saying about the relationship? Also, That he cares for you now doesn’t mean it will always continue That way. Can your relationship stand the test of time? Won’t he just use you and dump you after enjoying his life at your expense just because you were carried away by temporary show of affection. Leave him now and stay happy with God, Or stay with him and be in danger of losing your relationship with God while also suffering heart break!

Question: What if i am dating and i am practicing sexual purity?

Answer: You can’t use one right thing to appease the wrong thing you started while still in that wrong doing. The only right thing that can cancel the wrong doing is to Come out of the wrong doing totally. You stand in danger of becoming exposed to sexual immorality in that relationship. Dating is not governed by any boundary OR rules, it is too open for you. It is not God’s plan for you. That sexual purity cannot last in a relationship God did not start with you. Get out of the relationship first and seek God’s face concerning the union.

Question: What if we already plan to marry each other…?

Answer: Who is the author of the relationship? Did God led you into meeting person? Godly marriage is impossible without God’s consent. It will definitely end in tears, it’s only a matter of time! The best solution here is to leave the relationship for the sake of your God ordained future and relationship.

Who is the author of your relationship? Did God led you into meeting that person? Godly marriage is impossible without God’s consent!

Question: I am a teenager,who don’t love dating. But my friends make me feel like an outcast for not dating. I believe there is no harm in trying.

Answer: There is total harm in trying! You don’t have to be like them. It is not God’s plan for your life. Your teenage years is meant to know God and Build your self up for your future manifestation academically, spiritually, and so on.

Question: How can you say we are not compatible? We are totally best friends

Answer: The first thing to look out for is not compatibility neither is it whether you are best friends or not. The foundation of your relationship must be God and His consent. Unless that is settled, nothing else is valid!

Question: As a female how can i have a male best friend without having any emotional attachment?

Answer: In our third episode of I’m Dating, it was explained that even in Friendship Love, the door of intimacy should not be opened so as not allow the flow of untammable emotions! Must your best friend be of the opposite sex? How discipline are you in handling your emotions? Is God involved in your friendship? It takes more than the normal codes of friendship to maintain friendship with the opposite sex. Boundaries must be set and strictly adhered to. You must be able to take charge of your emotions and neutralize any lustful thoughts.

Question: My elder siblings dated and they got married to their partners,my parents are advising me to do the same, And their marriage is going well. While someone married God’s will and everything is totally falling apart .. What can you say about it?

Answer: firstly, that your elder sibling succeeded in getting married as a result of dating does not exempt them from the consequences. Something is sure, that foundation is not Christ, so it is faulty. It won’t stand the test of time when the wind blows on it. There is no foundation that will not be tested, what will distinguish the marriages is whose foundation is the Lord’s. Any other foundation will not stand the days of afflictions and test. On the other hand, that you marry God’s will does not guarantee automatic marital success. You must work on your relationship to ensure it’s success. God is faithful to fulfill His part of the Deal once man Is ready to obey God and do all that is necessary to make the marriage work.

Final Charge on dating…(By – The Fire Place Team)

The whole world is doing it
But that doesn’t make it right
Love is more than just trials and errors
Say NO to Dating!

Dating? You thought that’s the option to come over your loneliness, struggle and bitterness, NO! There’s more to the gift of love that leads to perfect peaceful love, it’s found in Jesus!

You don’t have to be in an illicit relationship to feel like a man or woman.
In God alone lies your wholeness and relevance, not that futureless relationship that is just for temporary relief. There is more in stock in God!

Oh! You want to date so you can feel among and stop being intimidated?
Stop it! Sons and daughter of Zion don’t do that, It will end in tears.

Oh! Sweet hibiscus soaked like bread
Lost her value because she knows not her worth
No darker darkness than the darkness of Ignorance
Who will save our sweet hibiscus
And make her fresher than ever
No one until she knows her worth
And cling to the light of Knowledge
Let her know that her place is in the beautiful garden
And come out of that filthy water
DATING is that filthy water
Let her come out and regain her sanity

There is no journey without an end! For Our memorable series on dating, we have reached a deciding conclusion. Here is my parting words, what are you taking out of this place? Take your time to flash back and think about all you’ve learnt here, do you know that without taking any serious decision concerning what is here, you might still be missing something out! Have you made a decision never to go low into dating so as to stay inside All of God’s plan for your life? If you’re reading this and you are still in an ungodly relationship, a relationship God is not included and involved, a union that is parallel to God’s plan for your life, then it is time to surrender it to God! Do you know how many destinies that keeps lying waste and getting destroyed on the altar of dating? Dating is a time waster! It’s a destiny destroyer! If God did not start with you, He won’t enter it anymore! Say Yes to God’s plan for you this moment and your destiny will forever be grateful for this one decision. Jesus is waiting for you here right now to help you redeem all you’ve lost before it’s too late, today is yours!

Speak to God right now, He is closer than you think! Lord I ask that you will help me to start walking in all of your plans for my life from today, Amen.

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