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Welcome back to the fire place! We started a series in the last episode about the concept of Trusting God. We established in the last episode that the right and expected symbol of trust expected from every child of God is GOD! We considered David, and how he declared his absolute trust in God. The right question to ask here is this, how then do we learn to trust God? This part of the series will answer that question. The foundation of trust in God can be traced to what we truly believe about God. Until the reality of the Person of God dawns on you, trusting God will only be a mirage. The problem here is, most believers never truly understood who God is at their point of receiving Christ, they were only introduced to the Savior of the world, Jesus and told that God -the-Father is His father; they were left to figure out the rest by themselves. God is beyond comprehension! He is more than what we call Him in our meetings and the songs we sing about Him. He is beyond words! He made the heavens and the earth, He created man for His pleasure. Man is only alive because He spoke! He is sovereign and deserves the best from us all. So, until we start to see God as who He is, we won’t understand why we must trust Him with our lives. The best way to understand the Person of God is to search through the scriptures and read about all of His acts amongst men. The miracles and signs speaks of His audacity. The way He punished those that acted against His will all through the bible depicts His sovereignty and Lordship over the universe. On the other hand, His love, benevolence, faithfulness and unwavering support unto those He decides to help shows how unquestionable and exceptionally Mysterious He is! One lesson the reality of the Person of God teaches is that, He deserves the trust of man over and over again. No one will be able to match up to who God is!

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Our trust in God depends heavily on our faith in God. Faith is anchored on one’s ability to believe in God’s word. Until we believe God for His word, we won’t learn to trust Him. This is why it is important for every believer to stay with God’s word enough to understand the ways and dimensions of God. In the place of hûreading and studying the word of God, one’s understanding begins to open up to understand why God must be reverenced! The kind of believers that we see today do not have time for searching out the depth of God’s word. Instead, we prefer believing whatever our Pastors and leaders tells us about God. Remember, the first congregation that practiced that habit ended up not fulfilling God’s plan for their lives. Why? They failed to believe God enough to enter their promised land. The Israelites of old were the apple of God’s eyes. With a mighty hand, He delivered them from the yoke of oppression and captivity of Pharaoh in Egypt. They had one of the best leaders the earth ever had. The bible called Moses the meekest man on earth in his days! The bible also recorded about how anointed and efficient their leader was, leading them by example into all of God’s plan for their lives.

Until we believe God for His word, we won’t learn to trust Him.

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Moses, the first ever leader of the nation of Israel was a man called by God full of passion and focus to bring Israel into Canaan, their land of promise. Trouble started when the Israelites began to fear God to the extent of detesting His presence. They openly declared that God should speak to Moses and they will hear the voice of God through Moses. What a complacent life to chose! The best they got from God afterwards is to experience the ACTS of God through Moses. Different manners of miracles happened in their stay in the wilderness. In all of these, they never believed God. They were always quick to murmur against Moses and God in times of trouble and lack, they were always quick to forget the earlier challenge they had and how God delivered them mightily from their fear and challenge. We all know their end, God ensured they all died in that wilderness. It is disdainful to disbelieve God! The contrast of that story is that, in the midst of that generation of miracle seekers, Joshua and Caleb believed God enough to be the only two men that left Egypt and entered Canaan successfully! This shows one thing, no matter the level of disbelieve and lack of trust in God displayed by a nation, if only one man can trust God amongst the people there, then God is ready to do business with that one man! Will you be that kind of man?

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How do we grow our trust in God? there are many ways to do this as revealed in the bible. Few of them shall be considered here. Firstly, an atmosphere and location for building trust in God must be instituted. This is what we call The Secret Place. In the place of solitude and quietness with ONLY God, we learn the ways and dimensions of God. This is where studying the word of God comes in. Until the word of God breaks open before a man; until we start to see our lives in the light of the word of God, we cannot start to fulfill God’s plan for our lives. In the place of building trust in God, God begin to open us up to situations and life challenges that will strengthen our convictions about God. When you face a close to death through sickness and God show up to deliver you from death, you won’t only come out of that situation as a healthy man; you will also be strengthened in faith about God’s power to heal man from all sickness! This is what will lead us to the next way of building trust in God.

In the place of solitude and quietness with ONLY God, we learn the ways and dimensions of God.

Being intentional about seeking God to understand His ways and plans is an important step that will further help you trust God more. Today, many already lost interest in genuinely seeking God for the sole purpose of knowing His ways. We have resolved to seeking God for what He can offer us such as fame, money, marriage, etc. All of these are the other things that are meant to follow us as we are consistent in Seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness!
Show me a man that is fully grounded in the knowledge of God accompanied by a willingness to seek God passionately for a lifetime and I will show you a man that will flawless victory in all ramifications! God is searching for men that He will reveal deep mysteries about how to live successfully and command great victories to; men that will not be ashamed to declare their absolute trust and dependency on God alone! Men that will submit to His Lordship over their lives. These are men that will truly rise and stand firm to judge all the enemies of God scattered all over the spheres of influence of this world. This is why staying with God enough to understand His ways is not debatable!

Show me a man that is fully grounded in the knowledge of God accompanied by a willingness to seek God passionately for a lifetime and I will show you a man that will flawless victory in all ramifications!

Men that shook this earth were men that were completely sold out to God! They understood that trust is a risk, but they understood more that God is worth the risk! This is the right question to ask at this point; can you trust God with your life? what have you seen in the bible that strengthens you enough to place your life in God’s hands? This is how we know if you truly know God and love Him sincerely. The requirement for rising through God is a life based on His terms alone. Men of old knew this and were willing to go that far with God. They caught a revelation about this same God that made them depend on Him all through their days on earth. Will you search about God that much too? One thing is sure, if you do so, then the world must watch you shine for God! Shalom!

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In our next series, we shall be discussing about the profile of men that trusted God unconditional and the outstanding testimonies that followed their lives! It’s not over yet. Get ready for more revelation of God’s word here! Thank you for choosing The Fire Place.

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