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And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. [Genesis 5; 24]
Every normal human being born into the world is bound to walk. This is a dominant characteristic of the homo sapiens. A child develops from the stage of birth to sitting, crawling and standing. After persistent effort of the baby to walk up some steps, the baby eventually masters the art of walking. Just as all these are necessary stages for all humans to pass through in their process of matured growth, it is equally important for all believers to grow in their pilgrimage journey to the kingdom above the sky. It is truly the hearty cry of the Father that all men come to Him not only to be saved forever but to also enjoy an unending communion with Him. Since the need for a relationship with God has been identified and addressed in the just concluded series on the heart cry of the Father, we shall be moving forward to the level of Walking with God.

What does it mean to walk with God? It simply means a believer is living in intimacy and consistent fellowship with God. The scriptural reference of this piece stated above depicts a mortal man, Enoch who so much fellowshipped with God in his earthly days to the point that his intimacy with God earned him immortality! He never saw death, for God took him. Let’s consider some important things to be noted in the course of walking with God in relationship.
Walking with God is a beautiful and fruitful life to live. For those that have patterned their lives in respect to living intimately with God, there are necessary fruits they should bear as a result of their consistent meeting with the Almighty.

First in the roll call of these fruits is A LIFE BEYOND SIN. The word of God has this to say on this note: “Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him” – 1 John 3:6. The standard of the bible is clear on this. This is simply denoting that if anyone claims to be in relationship with God, then the person must not be associated with sin any longer. Living a life without sin may seem very tasking or difficult to some church goers or so-called Christians, but for the believers in fellowship with God it is not so. They find it easier to disentangle themselves from every form of sinful acts. The reason for this is direct; a sinner’s worship is unacceptable to God therefore for them to be consistent in their appearance before Him, sin must go!

Secondly, men of intimacy with God are always ready to obey His commands. Owing to their understanding of His ways and precepts in their daily learning of His word, they see vital reasons to obey Him rather than men. Also, if a man truly claims to be walking with the master, then he must be a lover of the word! How do you get to know God better? By reading His word and leaning on the truth therein for our daily growth and normal life activities.

Furthermore, walking with God means communicating with Him. We communicate with God through our prayers and petitions to Him and He responds by speaking to us in return. A necessary fruit of intimacy with God is the ability to pray and receive answers from God consistently over time to the point of the process becoming a steady and trusted mode of communicating with God. Intercession and supplication becomes realizable and normal exercise for men of intimacy.

Other fruits of note are activeness of the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit; passion for the things of God and maturity in Christian living. Living a life of fellowship with God is much of dwelling and tarrying in the secret place but even as all these dealings and labours are going on right there, the fruits it bear should be seen, felt and acknowledged by the world around. When this is becoming a reality in a believer’s life, then we can say a believer is growing maturely in the way of the Lord. Anticipate the concluding part on Friday! see you soon!


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